Therapeutic Foster Care at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

iconSteps & Requirements to Become an Adoptive Parent

Six Steps to Becoming an Adoptive Parent:

In order to ensure that we’re matching the right children with the right families, there are six important steps to becoming an adoptive parent.

Step One: Talk to a Kennedy Krieger therapeutic foster parent recruiter at 443-923-3811
Step Two: Attend an information meeting, where you will meet your recruiter and current foster parents and submit your application.
Step Three: Participate in an initial home visit and interview
Step Four: Attend and successfully complete pre-service training
Step Five: Participate in a home study
Step Six: Become approved as an adoptive parent.

The Requirements:

Before you can adopt a child from our program, you must meet state licensing requirements. These include:

You must also sign agreements relating to the use of firearms, child abuse and neglect, discipline, and providing respite and/or foster care.

How to Contact Us

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a child by becoming an adoptive parent, please call Diane Stegman at 443-923-3808 or email

topTopFor more information, please call 443-923-3811